Konnichi Wa Japan!

This week we have been learning about Japan. We’ve immersed ourselves into the Japanese culture from the morning Radio Taiso exercises, to sudoku, to origami and more!

We’ve learnt how to count to ten in Japanese (including counting backwards):

IMG_0221 from Lowerplace Primary School on Vimeo.

We’ve also learnt how to sing the song ‘heads, shoulders, knees and toes’:

IMG_0222 from Lowerplace Primary School on Vimeo.

Arigato! 🙂


Using Drama to support Narrative Writing

As part of our Greek topic, we have explored myths and legends. One of our favourites was ‘The Legend of Orpheus and Eurydice’.

We used drama to support our descriptions and dialogue. First of all, in groups we were given a small section of the story and tasked with creating three freeze frames to depict the key events in that part of the story:

This helped us to have a clear understanding of the key events of the legend.

We then focused on one particular freeze frame showing Orpheus’ plight to Hades. We took it in turns to take on the role of Orpheus and Hades and used this to develop our dialogue.

Our dialogue was much more descriptive and powerful thanks to all of the drama work we used leading up to it! 🙂

Descriptive shared writes

We have been looking at a picture depicting Hades’ Kingdom. Here are our three shared writes:

As Orpheus stepped down from the mountain, a scene of horror emerged… Blazing, molten lava cascaded furiously down the colossal walls of the fortress. The taste of smoke choked him. The twisted, lifeless trees bowed down to the fortress, screaming silently. A blanket of darkness swallowed the sky. Ruins of an ancient temple slowly decomposed, holding on to the last pieces of stone. The lava was as red as the licks of hell; it took no mercy.

As Orpheus stepped down from the mountain, a scene of horror emerged… A river of red, hot lava was slithering across the desolate landscape: it devours all that dares to cross its path. Sizzling, hissing broke the eerie silence. The withering trees were crying for help as the once mighty buildings toppled section by section. Dark, ominous clouds gathered menacingly, shrouding the only source of light. An enormous, black, sinister fortress stood tall amongst the blazing lava.

As Orpheus stepped down from the mountain, a scene of horror emerged. Scorching hot lava was cascading from a giant tower to a rocky surface below. The lava was a fearsome wolf: it burnt every rock mercilessly in an instant. A river of death as hot as the centre of the sun was rushing through the blood-curdling landscape towards twisted trees and acient ruins of mightt temples. As it flowed rapidly over the defenceless rocks the lava sizzled, spat and hissed from the surface into the air.


World Book Day Fun!!!

We have had lots of fun celebrating World Book Day! Some children shared their favourite book with the class!

We have also created a blog post all about our favourite book. Check them out and let us know what you think by leaving a comment. 🙂

We also designed our own front covers….

A fun-filled Friday for Year Five!

This half term we have been learning all about Tag Rugby and during previous sessions We have practised our throwing and catching techniques. This week we joined forces with 5L to hold a capture the tag tournament so that the children could get use to the game ready for when we play tag rugby next week. As you can see the children had a lot of competitive fun! 😁

Perfect P.E.

In p.e we had to complete a food chain of what we had ate on that week mine wasn’t that healthy for most of my teas I had McDonald’s 🍔.

I had some healthy Food like apple and orange and we played some games like dodge ball and doctor dodge ball.

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To the pyramids👍🏻

Imagine traveling to the world and you just sit down well with google Expedition you can.go where ever you want to go you can easily move on the spot but sit down you can even go to see to pyramid but you do not have to walk  how good is that .

Amazing drums!!!!

I love the drums because it is easy to play and can make a lot of cool music,the club is made by mr Welsby and is on every Thursday,if you thought that was all the fun and learning I had,well your wrong because I can tell you more about the pattern we are doing. You need to use your writing Hand to hold it and hit the base light in a pattern ,1234,and on the one you need to hit the bottom base with your foot,and on 3 you need to hit the base bellow with the other hand and continue that pattern,by the way it is on at dinner time on half past🕡.we are going to go beyond that pattern and make other cool patterns,do take in mind that timing needs to be perfect ✔️,plus do not need speed up or else it ruins the pattern.Do take your time,I hoped you enjoyed this blog😀.

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